Creating a tutorial that supports learners

This is our last mission in groups and it consists of creating a collaborative slideshow/animation/screencast/story/comic about a CLIL goal that matches with our e-project and that supports learners. We decided to design a video in order to create a tutorial for an ICT tool that our students might need help with.

One goal our students have to accomplish in our eproject is to create an infographic. Probably, they will use Piktochart as we have give an infographic designed with Piktochart as an example and we will recommend them to use this online tool. Therefore, we all agreed to create a tutorial to explain our students how to use Piktochart.

To create our tutorial, we have used “Screencast-O-Matic” which is an online tool to record on-screen activity for short tutorials and communicate while you demonstrate. The quality of image and sound is high. It is ideal for anyone needing a fast recording app to create a video file and share on Youtube. The free features are 15-minute recordings, screen & webcam recording, publish to YouTube and save as a video file.

We can use this tool with our students for many purposes. For instance, our students can create a video with this app to read their stories created with StoryJumper. They will be able to record the screen while they are turning the pages telling the story. Therefore, they would be able to practice their speaking while they practice their ICT skills in an entertaining and engaging way.

To finish the composition of our video we used “IMovie”, exactly the same we used for the previous challenge. We were really happy with the results we had in our previous video and we thought that this app would be perfect to create the tutorial as well.

Creating a tutorial is a good thing to bear in mind when introducing difficult e-tools in our classes. I have never thought about creating a tutorial in this way for my students before, but after having created this one, it would not be the last! There are some tools that are difficult to manage even for adults. From our own experience, we have found difficulties when using some online tools. This why we consider vital to scaffold our students by doing tutorials of online tools.

Once more, we are participating in a nationwide collaborative project: AporTICs. We are looking forward to seeing our tutorial published on their blog. It is a very interesting project where teachers and students share tutorials about TIC in order to learn from each other. You can have a look at their website to see many amazing tutorials. Don’t miss it!

Finally, you can have a look at our tutorial video here:

Enjoy it!


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