Planning and recording our video challenge

Hello reader!

Planing our video challenge
Our teacher introduced us storyboards as the blueprints of any digital video challenge/project/mission/trailer/activity. In this task we have to work again with our group to complete a storyboard for a short video challenge which we will include in our CLIL eproject. The video will be made after. I really enjoyed working in this challenge with my peers Ana Martín, Víctor, Natalia, Inma and Elena.

First of all, we considered what is a storyboard. A storyboard consists of drawings and notes in frames. The frames represent a scene in the video challenge. Then, we thought about of a goal we wanted to achieve in our e-project and decided what tool we would use to create our storyboard. The goal was chosen from our common CLIL e-Project and this objective is “to learn about the physical and political features and some of the most distinguishing representations of the European countries”. Moreover, after having had a look at the playpen that our teacher provided us with different tools to create storyboards, we decided to use “Storyboard That”.

“Storyboard That” is a great option for re-enforcing English, History , foreign languages, or for creating graphical organisers. You can create a story for your students or just to present any kind of information. As it is in the form of a comic strip it is very visual and engaging for them. We found this tool very easy to use and it offers many possibilities for creating attractive stories. Among its features, you can choose the number of vignettes and the background of your story, the characters and their appearance and you can also add text in the form of speech bubble or other shapes.

Nevertheless, there are some aspects about this tool that could be improved. For example, the creation you are working on is not automatically saved. We consider it is easier that having to save it yourself each time you introduce a change on it. It would be great if the tool do it automatically. There are also many pictures, icons, characters that you can not use unless you have a premium account. As my peer Ana suggested, it would be fantastic if SoryboardThat had an option to record voices. Our students could practice the four skills: speaking, listening, writing and reading and also their computer and creative skills when creating their comic.

Having said that, from our experience StoryboardThat is a fabulous tool to be incorporated in our lessons. It could be used in many ways. After your storyboard is created, you can easily export it to high resolution storyboard cells, PDF or PowerPoint File. Then you are ready to present it to your students.

Here you are the link of our final comic:

Made with Storyboard That

Finally, as you can see in our storyboard, our students will have to create and infographic to present it to their class. We have created an infographic about Norway as an example of what our students will have to do in order to achieve this goal. You can have have a look at it:



Then, it was time to… Record our video challenge! 

We have created our video challenge using the app “IMovie” in the ipad of our peer Victor. As template we have used the comic we previously made with “StoryboardThat”. Then, we have recreated it to play and record it on video. We have enjoyed this app particularly because of the clear and neat production that you can create with it. It is very intuitive and fast to handle. This app allows you to add the music you like most. Furthermore, you are able to add a mixture of videos and pictures, cropping images/videos and labelling pictures. Our students can use this tool in our lessons as well. For example, they can present their candidatures for the Olympic Games and they will enjoy this activity as much as we did. At the same time, students will practise their speaking and listening skills while learning content. One negative aspect about this app is that we couldn’t find to many options of sizes of the font, we suggest it should have a bigger range.

I believe in this challenge we have worked in a cooperative way which has been very enriching for everyone. We had be able to share our opinions and ideas and we had a lot of fun when we were recording our video.

You can see our video here:

Once our storyboard and video were ready, we have participated in another nationwide educational collaborative project the ESL times. They are going to public our work tomorrow. We are very excited about it and we are looking forward to seeing our work published. If you want to know more about this project you can visit its blog:

Hope you enjoy our work!






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