My first Live Chocotalk

Last Thursday 7th of April, my master´s class have the opportunity to participate a live Choco-Talk about “How CLIL can contibute to having happier bilingual learners“.

First of all, I would like to highlight it was an amazing experience. Despite I was really nervous I really enjoyed it. We have to thank our teacher Mª Jesús for introducing us to this event and to make possible that we carry out our own Choco-talk. It was the first time I heard about it. This live event is a crossover with the collaborative project ‘Tertulias con Sabor a Chocolate‘. We have joined it with the aim of debating about CLIL and how it can contribute to improving learners’ emotional intelligence and making them happier people.

We participated in the event in groups, within our groups we were assigned different roles. In my group, I played the role of speaker along with Inma. Our mission was to give tips, hints and share our opinions about this methodology. People had the chance to meet the different speakers live and the rest of my peers were curating content and spreading the word at social networks. You can find their work in #ictclil_urjc and #chococharlas hashtags.  Public were welcome at our Google+ event or directly at our Youtube channel
Victor and Elena were community manager, their role was promoting the event some days before, telling through Twitter the things that the speakers were going to discuss during the event and remembering the Chocotalk. Ana and Natalia were our curators who were in charge of collecting all the information told by all the speakers, but also the tweets that the community managers published every day before and along the Chocotalk. Their mission was to make a summary of the most significant aspects of our Chocotalk. To wrote our summary, our curators used the web tool “Storify“. You can have a look at it:
I have to say I was really surprised with the results of the event. I consider all of us worked really hard to do our best. We have to thanks to Laura for being such a good moderator as well but also to all my peers who created very nice posters to promote our Chocotalk, the numerous tweets and the final job by the curatos. It was a really interesting experience. I hope in the near future I can repeat it as I consider it is really useful to share opinions with other professionals about CLIL methodology. Congratulations to all the members of my master for such a great job!

If you have missed our chocotalk, don’t worry! Prepare your chocolate and enjoy it:



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