Evaluating CLIL eprojects

Hello everyone,

To create my presentation of an eproject evaluation I have chosen biteslide. It was my first time using this tool and I liked the design but I didn’t like that it doesn’t have too many options of text size and types. It is very basic regarding to backgrounds and items to design your presentation. However, it has search tools to add your own pictures or videos from Google or Youtube.

I believe this task is very useful to create our own project. After evaluating this project I am more conscious of what I have to take into consideration for my design elements, tasks, skills and proposals.

This is the link to the eproject I have evaluated: http://minecraftplanetforkids.weebly.com/home.html

To evaluate this eproject I have taken into consideration both:

Rubric to evaluate eBook Designs

Essential Project Design Elements Checklist

I also considered different tips that I read in different articles provided by my teacher such as Principles of Visual Design for eBooks, by Walton Burns, or  CLIL Teaching Projects, in which you find interesting information about eproject design. I believe it is something new for many of us and these articles help you to get involved deeper in this trend.


Finally, here you are the link to my presentation:




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