CLIL eProject Prototype

Hello everyone

For this mission, I designed a CLIL outline for Primary Education and a table of skills and goals that my students must accomplish and achieve.

Following our teacher instructions, I have created a prototype of what information, topics and activities I would like to develop in my CLIL eproject. As it is a first approach, I have taken into consideration that I maybe should make some changes after. I am looking forward to receiing your feedback and suggestions to improve my eproject.

For this, I have created a draft with Google Docs to prototype the outline of my eprojects using the template provided in the task:

Then, I started to explore the different tools to create a video eproject in order to present my prototype to my peers. At first I was going to use GoAnimate but the free trial was only for 15 days and I wasn’t sure if I could access to my work after it. Then I started to use Wideo but the free version only allowed me to record a 30 seconds video so I considered it wasn’t enough time. Finally, after having a look to different tools I decided to use VideoScribe to create my eproject video clip.    .

Different to other tools I have tried before, I like much more VideoScribe as it offers much more variety of animations to create a video but you have to download the software to your computer to use it. I like it because you can make white board style animations, adding images, text and music with a professional finish. When you finish your video you can share it bia Youtube, Facebook or Power Point or export it to your computer if you go Pro. My first attempt worked but the music I chose when I shareit in Youtube I couldn’t hear it so I changed the music and it worked out the second attempt!

When all my peers would have posted their prototypes as well, we will give each other feedback in order to improve these. To evaluate our projects we will take into account  learning goals, language content and communication, methodology, assessment tools and criteria and dissemination means. I think it is a really good idea as we are going to have more points of view and advices. We can also have different ideas for our projects when we observe other people’s works that we didn’t think about before.

Finally, here you are the link to my eproject video clip:





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