Creative Commons License

The Internet and digital technologies have transformed how people learn. Educational resources are no longer static and limited, it is now adaptable and widely available, allowing teachers and learners to actively participate in a global exchange of knowledge.
This is why Creative Commons is so important. A Creative Common License provides the legal and technical infrastructure essential to the long-term success of Open Educational Resources and to make it possible for educational resources to be accessible, adaptable, and discoverable.
I decided to license my blog with a Creative Common License. The creative license I have chosen lets others share, remix, pinch, and build upon my work and CLIL e-materials, even commercially, always that they credit me for the original creation. This license is recommended for maximum diffusion and use of licensed materials.
Creative Commons License
Furthermore, it is important to make our students conscious of what rights they have over things they create. For this reason, we should encourage them to use Creative Commons. Sharing our work is a good way to make learning and teaching materials available to everyone online in order to make more accessible and to be able to access to other people’ works but he have to teach our students about the rights other have as well.  By using Creative Commons our students can find materials to enhance their work and respect the ownershinp rights of content creators all at the same time.

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