Becoming a Content Curator

After creating our Bank of Common Knowledge for CLIL my next mission was to organise in a board different CLIL resourses which will be useful for the e-project we will carry out after. For this, I used again Pinterest as I am more familiar with this tool. The other options were Listly and Sybaloo Edu which I will investigate for future use. This task is very useful as you organise the materials in order to have these at hand at any time.. I collected different resourses as I said before in a board in Pinterest  named “Useful CLIL resourses”:


The mayority of the material was taken from the collaborative bank that I posted before and I added some content from other websites as well. Now I can continue using it every time I find a useful resourse.

Why don’t you start your own one? I strongly recommend you to try it!


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